Klaus Und Klaus tot

Klaus Und Klaus tot: Klaus Baumgart and Torfrock frontman Klaus Büchner became Klaus & Klaus in 1980. They made their television debut with 1983’s Da ist ein Pferd auf’m Flur, a reworking of André van Duin’s Dutch carnival smash Er staat een Paard in de gang.

In 1985, they broke through with “A der Nordseekueste,” a cover of “The Wild Rover.” The single and album sold over 250,000 gold copies apiece. The pair won the ZDF hit parade and participated in most major TV music programs. The 1988 top-5 hit Der Eiermann followed.

Klaus Und Klaus tot
Klaus Und Klaus tot

In 1997, Klaus Büchner departed the duo, Klaus & Klaus, to focus on Torfrock. The Bremen six-day race was his final with Klaus & Klaus. Klaus Baumgart, Hamburg musician Claas Vogt, born March 29, 1965, and parodist Andreas Neumann formed Klaus & Klaus in 1997 when Klaus Büchner quit.

From 1987 to 1989, tax clerk Claas Vogt studied philosophy and English at Hamburg University. He performed often with Riptide and 8 to the Bar from 1986 until 1989. After Klaus Büchner left Klaus and Klaus, Klaus Baumgart recruited him.

3 wie wir was the trio’s 1997 debut. After that, Radio Bremen granted the ensemble a comedy program of the same name. The trio performed multiple times in the current Schaubühne. Due to responsibilities, Andreas Neumann quit the trio at the end of 2000. Klaus and Klaus have returned.

The youthful duo’s 2001 smash was a Hütt’n wheat beer. Ein Rudi Völler—There Is Only One—returned to the German charts in 2002. Die Nurse and Aloha Heja are recent hits. He re-recorded Achim Reichel and Seemann’s “Deine Heimat ist das Meer,” which were popular in Mallorca. Klaus & Klaus’ “On the North Sea Coast” is legendary.

This classic placed fifth in 1985. The couple’s diehard admirers will recognize “Time Only Stops at the Devil.” Barry Ryan sang this 1999 North German tune. The latest reports say the Englishman died at age 72.

Barry Ryan re-released his 1972 song “Zeit macht nur vor dem Teufel halt” with Klaus & Klaus years later, reflecting on his successful career. In 1968, Ryan’s “Eloise” became global. This song topped the German and British charts, where he was born.

Barry Ryan hit more. Barry Ryan’s career flourished. “Love Is Love” and “Kitsch” followed, earning the interpreter fame in Germany. Englishmen retired in the late 1970s and focused on photography. London and New York museums exhibit his art.

Legendary musician Cat Stevens knew his buddy was dying. “When I was conversing with him recently, he informed me that he was comfortable with the understanding that he only had a limited time on this earth,” he writes on Instagram. Barry Ryan’s September 28, 2021, death was undetermined. 1980s German artists Klaus & Klaus’ “A Horse is Standing in the Hallway” and “On the North Sea Coast” made them famous.

The old cult couple is now forgotten. What do Klaus and Klaus do? Klaus Baumgart met Torfrock vocalist Klaus Büchner in 1980. Klaus and Klaus were their party duo. “There’s a Horse on the Floor” was their first album three years later. They created a variety of television shows using the title for the first time. Klaus & Klaus’ greatest success was 1985’s “A der Nordseekueste.” The duo’s self-titled album sold over 250,000 copies.

Klaus Und Klaus tot
Klaus Und Klaus tot

Klaus and Klaus divorced after nearly 20 years. Klaus Büchner ended the collaboration in 1997 to focus on Torfrock. The Bremen six-day race was their final collaborative assignment. Baumgart founded Klaus & Klaus soon after. Hamburg musician Claas Vogt and comedian Andreas Neumann were members.

“3 wie war” was the band’s debut single. The ensemble had a Radio Bremen comedy program with the same name. NDR’s “Aktuelle Schaubude” featured the group multiple times. After three years, Andreas Neumann departed the trio, claiming its time had come. Klaus Baumgart and Claas Vogt have reunited since then.

Klaus, and Klaus’s plans? Since the trio reformed, they perform as a duo at all events. Later party hits included Mallorca. In recent years, the pair has failed to match their early success. Klaus Baumgart: “Corona cooks his weekends.”

He found cooking during the Corona crisis, according to an interview. “Klaus’ veggie pan” is his specialty. His wife, Ilona, values food. Klaus loves chocolate. “A couple of bars usually wind up in the basket when he goes shopping,” she recently acknowledged.

Klaus Und Klaus tot

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